About Twin Flame


Who am I?

I'm Jess, the owner of Twin Flame, and you'll usually find me in some kind of 70s-inspired dress and statement earrings, hanging pretty things up in trees, unwrapping some crystals or laughing at something! There's really nothing I love more than bringing the imagination to life and seeing the sparkle in people's eyes when they see the result.

My background

I actually come from a very different industry to this one, in fact, I used to be a secondary school teacher! I am a total bookworm (and tried my best to make my students love them as much as I do).
So, you could say, I am very good at managing potentially stressful situations with ease. I naturally love to inspire others, especially when it comes to creativity and imagination.

A total hippy at heart, a lot of my personal interests lay within the spiritual world. After being taught to be mindful and always kind by my beautiful mum as I was growing up, I came to realise that my goal in life is to make people happy. With this realisation, I honed in on my own spirituality and came to find that I could use my skills to help others. From psychic card readings, Deeksha blessings and meditation guidance to energy cleansing and crystal healing, if you need it - I can find something to help.

Why did I create
Twin Flame?

I started Twin Flame for many reasons. A lot of it was because of my passion for design, but also, I wanted to bridge a gap that always seemed to be getting bigger in the weddings and events industry. As an image-centered industry, sometimes I felt it was all a bit too much. However, I looked past this because at the centre of all of it was pure joy. The love for your new husband or wife to be. The celebration of your milestone birthday. The awe at the birth of your new baby.

In a world that is constantly spinning, how can we be sure to enjoy every one of these moments as they should be enjoyed? Well, that’s why I decided to start Twin Flame, so you can sit back and, well, “smell the roses” of course! I make sure every one of my clients is not a 'client' but a friend and for those friends, I get to be the fairy godmother and make magic happen (quite frankly, I bloody love it.)

Also mostly missing from this industry is the influence of the new age spiritualist. In a world that is opening its eyes to alternative treatments and becoming more connected to our higher selves, why wouldn’t we involve these influences as we plan the biggest events our lives? Weddings in particular can often take their toll on our stress levels. So, I decided to combine my spiritual services with my other services. This way, you can feel oh-so-zen as well as have your big day emulate it through specially styled decor and design.

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