Crystal Magic

As the world awakens to the magic of crystals and their energy, so is the world of Styling.

Whether you are a crystal addict or a newbie, it can be difficult to include them in your decor wihtout spending loads.

So, as The first to offer this service in the UK and beyond, you can hire our stunning crystals to embellish your special event with their beauty and energy! Plus, if you fall in love with them, they are also available to purchase.

As well as this, I also offer bespoke crystal crowns and A beautiful crystal ceremony you could have for your wedding day or special event.

You can find all of the details below!

Crystal Hire

Crystal crown.jpg

Crystal Crowns

Not quite the tiara type? No, neither am I. But I am still a sucker for a certain type of sparkle. If you still want to ooze princess vibes, but you are looking for something a lot less generic and a lot more special, you just might be in the right place!

Crystal crowns are handmade to order, with prices starting from £50 (dependant on selection of crystals, wire and fitting).

(Image by Clara Cooper Photography, crown by us!)


The Crystal Ceremony

Ever wanted to hold a moment and keep it forever?

Well, with our crystal ceremony, you can.

By placing a large piece of crystal, such as a quartz point, in a vase or vessel, your guests can gift to you their love and intentions.

As your guests enter your wedding ceremony or special occasion, they will be handed a beautiful, palm sized crystal of your choice. Whilst watching you marry the one you love, or bless your little one coming into the world (the possibilities are endless) they can channel their wonderful intentions for you (and your life after your momentous occasion) into the crystal they hold.

On their way out, they place their crystal into the vase, and you get to keep all of that incredible energy (and the beauty of the crystals) in your life forever.

Prices start from £70 (depending on the size, type and number of crystals required. Get in touch for a personalised quote).

crystal wedding favours.jpg

Crystal Favours

Looking for something different that your guests can treasure after your big day? Look no further. With an enormous range in crystal types and sizes, let us source the most perfect favours for you.

We can also provide agate slices (that also can double up as place names or even a table plan!)

Prices start from just £2.00 per favour (depending on size and type, get in touch for a personalised quote!)